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You can't believe how many compliments I have gotten on Murphy's haircut. I thought I would pass this along to you, and say thanks again! :-)
                                       -- Leanne

We have been using to Christy to groom our dog for almost 8 years now. She is so caring and careful with my somewhat anxiety ridden dog. She just built this facility so it is clean & new. I couldn't recommend her more. 

                             -- Melissa S.

​​There is no better groomer or more caring groomer. I have been using Christy for years. I am so proud of her and her new business. Will never go elsewhere.

         -- Paul and Carol Giffin

 THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR TAKING SUCH GREAT CARE OF MERCEDES! My little Mercedes is ridiculously important to me and I really feel like you guys take Really GREAT care of her. She looks great, and is so happy! THANK YOU!!!!!! 
                           -- Rosalyn Dawson

I just wanted to tell you how wonderful you both are. We had our Wheaten puppy there yesterday, and we gushed all night at how cute she looked at what a great job you did. Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job on her and she loved you both! :)  Her paws were the cutest thing I've ever seen, it even brought a tear to my eye.... Thanks!
        -- Laurel, Craig and the terrifying terrier, Stella! 

After moving to Minnesota we started searching for a groomer for our two dogs.  Christy was recommended to me by a coworker, and she is AMAZING.  She listened to me, asked lots of questions, and was SUPER friendly.  When we picked up our dogs they looked fantastic.  We'll definitely be visiting Mutty Paws again and recommending her to everyone. 
                                                                              -- Alice G.

​Patricia's work on Lance last Thursday was beautiful. We are calling him "Fabio" and he seems to have a different swagger on his walks. I especially want to point out Patricia's work on Lance's nails & tail (no pun intended on the rhyme) Lance is hyper sensitive and doesn't allow even me to gently groom his tail. Secondly his paws look beautiful; perfect actually, the grooming around his claws top of his paws & pads is truly perfect... he looks like he could be a paw model.  
                                                                                  -- Tam

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